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“As theater groups, we make ours the fights that belong to others”.
Gregorio Amicuzi - Residui Teatro

Stories About a New Europe is born from the collaboration between four theatre groups:
Laboratorio Internacional Residui Teatro (Spain), Teatro tascabile di Bergamo (Italy), Protagon (Germany) and Brama (Poland).

As groups, we are dedicated to the research, artistic creation and the application of the tools of the scene arts to respond to the social, political and cultural concerns and needs of the communities in which we live or in which we pass through.

We actively listen to conflicts and problems and, through the arts, we invite people to formulate other possibilities of coexistence and alternatives for dialogue.

SANE responds to the need of the multiple communities that coexist in Europe to be able to have a
voice and a space, to feel a part of this new Europe.
The identity of our current European reality is a polyphony, a weaving of threads of different textures that interweave to write a present that belongs to us and that we write among all of us who are here and now participating.

During the project we will carry out activities open to newcomers, refugees and people in country; we will open spaces for reflection, we will look for stories, melodies and songs and we will weave them together to let ourselves be let ourselves be surprised by a new polychromy that has not had the space to manifest itself before.

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