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We held a workshop called PUENTES, within the SANE project. Where we have participants from the performing arts, migrants from different parts of the world. And in the training process, we have found tools and different strategies to approach more than 100 people with stories that deserve and need to be heard. Brave women, men, boys and girls, who live, dream, work and pay their taxes in Europe.

Finally, we carried out the street action "Stories of love for life" at key points in the city of Madrid on 20 June, International Refugee Day.


We will have more presentations of this performance on september. 


Direction: Viviana Bovino

Direction assistant: Gregorio Amicuzi

Rithms and choreography, scenography team: Irini Sfyri

Action on movement: Denis Lavie

Logistic and technique: Santiago Claramonte

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