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Teatr Brama was founded in 1996 in Goleniów by Daniel Jacewicz. The name of the theatre comes from its first headquarters in the Brama Wolińska (old city gate – “Wolin Gate”).

Brama is an independent multinational theatre, known in Poland as well internationally. In Goleniow, where the theatre is headquartered, Brama managed to create an active cultural environment which can be experienced during performances, workshops, projects and likewise during the annual theatre festivals – BRAMAT and ŁAKNIENIA. Brama’s motivation for their artistic and socially engaged cultural activities is to revolutionize the relationship between an artist and audience. This means performance is treated as a meeting which creates the possibility for participation and dialogue. As an Association, Teatr Brama uses formal and informal education methods, to empower people to use art and creativity to improve their quality of life and their world through a wide range of cultural activities.

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