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Since 1999, we have been working to bring performing arts into public spaces, where life takes place. Where theatre culture has the chance to reach everyone and be accessible to all. In this way, we transform public spaces into open spaces in which diverse and creative forms of expression find their place.

We are convinced that theatre and the performing arts enable encounters and create dialogue, even across the trenches that run through our society and beyond the edge of social bubbles. This potential drives us and gives us energy for our projects, because in an increasingly individualised and virtualised reality, these spaces for encounters are becoming more important. We create places of social perception and dialogue that contribute to a modern, decolonial and open society.

With our programmes and activities, we offer cultural meeting places for a diverse society, in both urban and rural areas. Together with partners and sponsors, we organise large and small cross-genre events, many of which have a permanent place in Frankfurt's cultural landscape. We also organise workshops and socio-cultural education programmes for children, young people and adults in Frankfurt and in European and international projects.


We have training, production and performance spaces as well as artist residencies at our cultural centre in the east of Frankfurt. Actively involved artists, freelancers and members develop and shape these spaces and a shared culture.

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