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RESIDUI TEATRO started in Rome in 2000 with Gregorio Amicuzi as its Artistic Director.Their need to travel and expand their knowledge takes them to Spain in 2007, where a new periodbegins.In 2009, they created a Performing Arts and Craft Center called “CAAE, Centro de Artesanía delas Artes Escénicas”in Madrid.Residui Teatro promotes a theatre that encourages

dialog, awareness and collaboration betweenhuman beings; as well as personal and social development.Residui Teatro is a “group theatre” that devises, creates and cooperates with different artistic,cultural and social communities from different backgrounds, ages and health status.

The main focuses are creation of shows, pedagogy, research and socio-cultural projects.In the last 24 years RT have produced more than twenty shows and performances, creating theirown teaching practices and plenty of workshops and master classes.The group has participated in various national and international festivals.

Since 2015 RESIDUI TEATRO organizes "Territorios Teatrales Transitables" directed by Gregorio Amicuzi, an international meeting on the theories and practices of the scenic artsinvolving, among others, international artists of great relevance such as the Odin Teatret, the Grotowski Institute, the Théâtre du Soleil, La

Presenting their work inplaces such as theaters, schools and non-conventional spaces in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.Developing at the same time an investigation focused on building bridges between dance, theatreand singing; between East and Western societies.

Candelaria and Yuyachkani.Since 2021, every year RT organizes "Tradition, Transmission, Transgression”directed by VivianaBovino, an international meeting of women in art, part of the international network of the Magdalena Project.

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